Voltage Stabilizer

Due to the erratic power supply that most places in India experience, a voltage stabilizer is a good choice to save your air conditioners from damage that might result from voltage fluctuations. If you have been looking for an efficient voltage stabilizer, you can consider the Micromax Energy AC Voltage Stabilizer. Micromax stabilizers are known for their ergonomic design and advanced engineering. The use of the latest technology makes this stabilizer one of the best of its class and kind available in the market. With great features that would provide optimum protection to your devices, this voltage stabilizer is a must-have in every household and office to save your Air Conditioner from damage. This product is now available at an extremely affordable price.

Key Features

Over Voltage Protection

The Micromax Energy AC Voltage Stabilizer is equipped with an over voltage protection feature. Any sudden fluctuation in voltage may result in the damage of electrical components of any appliances. This equips the stabilizer to quantize high voltage fluctuations thereby providing maximum protection to the connected appliances. Output Voltage Correction

The Micromax Energy Voltage Stabilizer is equipped with an output voltage correction. This feature is very important as it is directly connected to the safety of the appliances connected to the stabilizer. The feature ensures that when the voltage output crosses a certain limit, a corresponding inner circuit is set off which switches off the devices powered by the stabilizer, automatically. This makes sure that the connected appliances are safe from a burnout.

Device compatibility

The Micromax Energy Voltage Stabilizer is compatible with all kinds of generators and air conditioners. Air conditioners are appliances that consume a heavy load of electricity and during power fluctuations, not only will it consume more electricity but can also be damaged. With this stabilizer, chances of extra power consumption and damage are lesser.

Design and Utility

This Micromax Energy stabilizer has a Wall mounted design, and therefore, can be easily installed. It is compact and white in color. These features make it very stylish and the appliance will not look bulky or shabby wherever it is placed. The appliance will save all the appliances connected from sudden power fluctuations therefore, preventing any kind of damage to the devices. It also helps you cut down on your electricity bill by stabilizing the power. This appliance is perfect for areas where electricity can pose as a problem with power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

Micro controller based Design

Micromax Energy stabilizer ensures high safety, reliability and accuracy in voltage control.

Intelligent Thermal Protection

Micromax Energy stabilizers are protected from damage due to high temperature rise in case of abnormal conditions.

MES170AC1.5 1.0 & 1.5 TON AC 170-270V 4KVA
MES170AC2.0 2.0 TON AC 170-270V 5KVA
MES150AC1.5 1.0 & 1.5 TON AC 150-280V 4KVA
MES150AC2 2.0 TON AC 150-280V 5KVA
MES130AC1.5 1.0 & 1.5 TON AC 130-290V 4KVA
MES130AC2.0 2.0 TON AC 130-290V 5KVA
MES90AC1.5 1.0 & 1.5 TON AC 90-290V 4KVA
MES90AC2.0 2.0 TON AC 90-290V 5KVA