At Micromax we have an in house R&D teams dedicated to develop a wide spectrum of domestic,commercial and industrial products. The R&D centers in India and abroad are responsible for development and deployment of latest technologies in India as per the domestic working conditions. Thecore R&D teams take responsibility right form the components level development with vendors to the production techniques upto the project deployment.

Micromax strongly believes in Make In India movement. The R&D team is constantly involved in development and indignation of various international products like mobile phones, LED TVs, Multimedia Speakers, Solar Panels, Solar products and many others.

Energy Products

The R&D teams of Micromax Energy takes pride in development of various product ranging in the field of Solar energy applications.

  1. High performing solar PCU and Inverters upto 2KVA (Both sine wave and square wave) for low and domestic commercial markets.
  2. High performing solar hybrid PCUs upto 10 KVA for industrial applications.
  3. Solar and MPPT charge controllers for wide spread energy applications.
  4. Solar on grid string inverters upto 70KVA for mid-range solar power plants.
  5. Solar central inverters upto 2.5MW for large size solar plants in gigawatt range.
  6. Highly efficient solar water pumping solutions for agriculture.

Automatic Test Facility

Micromax R&D is equipped with latest test equipment and (ATF) Automatic Test Facility. Micromax energy has access to various recognized test labs and has technical collaboration with IITs, CSIR and many international labs working with solar energy. We are committed to provide our users very cost- effective products which meet with the international standards.