Product Warranty Conditions

Warranty Period of Micromax Energy products i.e. Batteries, Inverters, Solar Panels and Voltage Stabilizers are given below and Warranty conditions are explained in the Product warranty card avilable with the products.

Micromax Product Details

Product Category Model No Warranty Period
Digital Solar Home UPS 750Q 24 Month
950Q 24 Month
1125Q 24 Month
1625Q 24 Month
Sine Solar Home UPS 750S 24 Month
1000S 24 Month
1200S 24 Month
1600S 24 Month
2000S 24 Month
Solar Batteries MEIB12018 (18+18˟) Month
MEIB15018 (18+18˟) Month
MEIB15024 (24+18˟) Month
MEIB15036 (36+18˟) Month
MEIB16024 (24+18˟) Month
MEIB16036 (36+18˟) Month
MEIB18036 (36+18˟) Month
MEIB20036 (36+18˟) Month
MEIB24015 (36+18˟) Month
MEIB13524 (24+18˟) Month
MEIB23036 (24+18˟) Month
Stabilizer MES90AC1.5 36 Month
MES130AC1.5 36 Month
MES150AC1.5 36 Month
MES170AC1.5 36 Month
MES90AC2 36 Month
MES130AC2 36 Month
MES150AC2 36 Month
MES170AC2 36 Month
Solar Panels MEP 50W 36 Month
MEP 100W
MEP 125W
MEP 150W
MEP 200W
MEP 220W
MEP 250 60P
MEP 260 60P
MEP 300 72P
MEP 310 72P
MEP 315 72P
MEP 320 72P