Description : ON GRID Solar Inverters are used to convert the solar energy directly and export it to Main Commercial Line. These extremely high performance, high efficient inverters utilizes most modern techniques to extract maximum power from the Solar Panels and convert it into usable power without any wastage. These Inverters are used to build Commercial Solar Power Plants ranging up to Giga Watt Capacity. Intelligent monitoring system provides real time power generation data, analysis and management from the remote location.

Micromax Energy String Inverters

for Roof top and capitalized Power plants up to MW Range. String Inverters utilizes precision MPPT algorithm and High efficiency inverter technology to generate high quality power from Solar Panels.

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for Large Size capitalized Solar Plants in GW range. The Central Inverter is a single Power Conversion unit that can produce power in MW range. Due to Compact Unit size they require lesser space for Installation.

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