About Micromax Energy

Micromax Energy is an independent company from promoter of Micromax group. Our focus is to create electrical vertical with innovative technology in field of Solar and EV. We work on developing Solar & EV as a sustainable source in India and becoming a leader in this segment by providing products in Solar & EV segment. Micromax Energy produces world class technology advanced silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules and develops modern & highly efficient Solar power generating units. The objective of SPGU is to support a variety of consumers in order to meet the exact demands of commercial and industrial establishments around the world. Our solar modules are sealed, weatherproof and are able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation & moisture and are sold under the brand name of Micromax Energy.

We produce multi-crystalline solar modules ranging from 3W to 320W in power output. The modules are built for globally acceptable specifications to use in a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and other solar power generations systems. Our modules are tested under harsh conditions to ensure best performance for 25 years.

We provide Lithium-ion Batteries in EV segment to provide the best rechargeable experience having very safe operation due to sophisticated BMS. Our Lithium ion batteries and Inverter Batteries provide you with the best storage solutions which will never let you down. Our stringent quality standards exceeding industry standards guarantee long durability of our products. We are able to provide the best performance, quality, and reliability to our customers because we invest more in research and development than any other electrical company does.

Micromax Group is a well-established group focused in Consumer Electronics segment in India with its headquarters in Gurgaon. Our product portfolio includes Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, TV, A/C & other products. We are the 2nd largest brand in the Mobile & Tablet and the 5th largest brand in the TV segment in India.

All India Sale Point Network: Micromax has presence in more than 560 districts through 1,25,000 retail outlets in India.

All India Service Center: 305 Service Points across all 29 States. We have our international presence in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia & UAE.

We Offer:

  • Best Quality Products & Services.
  • Timely Execution of Projects.
  • PAN India Sales & Service Network.
  • State-of-art manufacturing facility.
  • Innovated & upgraded products.

With our past credentials of exponential excellence in consumer electronic business in a very short span of time, we are confident that we will repeat the same story with Micromax Energy in Solar Energy domain.