ii. Microlyte-Sineng Central Inverters

for Large Size capitalized Solar Plants in GW range. The Central Inverter is a single Power Conversion unit that can produce power in MW range. Due to Compact Unit size they require lesser space for Installation. Because of lesser no. of Components involved, they exhibit better efficiency and lower cost per unit watts. The Central inverters are the obvious choice to build Large size Power Plants running into GW range.

EP series Central Inverters

Ep series grid connected solar Inverter carries several practical patented technologies such as capacitor life prediction, Intelligent Ac fan speed control, fan fault on-line detection, and active open circuit protection, etc., so as to continuously provide the user with PV power generation Solution of high reliability, high efficiency, and high price performance ratio.

    EP-1250-A Central Inverter

  • Industry-leading inverter efficiency, outstanding generated energy.
  • Industrial application design to adapt harsh environment.
  • Components selection of high quality to enhance product quality.
  • Digital isolation of high precesion to improve MPPT efficiency.
  • Capacitor life prediction technology to ensure system safe and relaible.
  • Anti-PID functional option to effectively better PID effect.
  • Integrated DC shunt power distribution function to raise the operational reliability.
  • Zero voltage ride through ability makes grid- connected safer.
  • EP-2500-A-OD Central Inverter

  • 2.5WM unit integrated design, built-in two EP series 1250kW inverters.
  • Inverter integrates DC power distribution, with no need of independent DC power distribution cabinet.
  • Optional bottom air inlet and side air inlet, fulfill ventilation requirements for different environments.
  • IP54 outdoor protection level, excellent environment adaptation.
  • Class A fire rating to meet fire-fighting requirement Four sides door open design makes maintenance convenient.
  • LVRT function makes grid-connected safer.
  • integrated communication management computer, or installation position reserved.
  1. EP1250A – 1.25MW Central Inverter
  2. EP2500-A-OD – 2.5MW prefabricated Power Station
Central Inverter

CP Series Central Distributed Inverter

Microlyte-sineng integrated the respective advantages of string inverter and central inverter, proposed the CP central distributed PV power generation solution, which can increase the power efficiency and reduce the system cost. Compared to the traditional central grid power station, Dc combiner is replaced by the intelligent MPPT combiner. Each 1 MW power generating system has 48 independent MPPT units, which can effectively solve power generation losses.

    EJB-16-M4 Intelligent MPPT Optimizer

  • 8/12/16 (optional).
  • Equipped with 4 MPPT units.
  • Electronic switch instead of fuse.
  • Active electric tripping function.
  • Non-fans outside, natural heat dissipation.
  • Wireless/wired networking solution
  • Supporting the remote control
  • IP65 protection level
  • CP-1250-B Central Distributed Inverter

  • Central inverter, multiple MPPT inputs.
  • Multiple MPPT inputs, increasing the generating capacity Above 2MW system, leading to low cost.
  • Integrated DC power distribution function Active electric tripping function.
  • High precision digital isolation monitoring Capacitor life prediction technology.
  • Anti-PID functional.
  • Zero voltage ride through function.
  • CP-2500-B-OD Prefabricted PV Power Station

  • 2.5MW unit integrated design, built-in two CP-1250 inverters
  • The inverter -integrate DC distribution, no need independent DC cabinet.
  • Optional bottom air intake and side air intake way, adapting to the ventilation requirements of different environment.
  • IP54 outdoor protection grade, excellent environmental adaptability.
  • Zero voltage ride through function.
  • Integrate the communication management machine or reserve the installation position.
  1. EJB-16-M4 – 100KW Intelligent MPPT optimizer
  2. CP1250-B – 1.25MW Central Distributed Inverter
  3. CP2500-B –OD – 2.5MW prefabricated Power Station

Intelligent monitoring Solution

    Intelligent centralized monitoring

  • Full system monitoring, diagnosing and controlling.
  • String monitoring can maximum discover harmful information in the system.
  • Support remote control.
  • Optional wired/wireless networking scheme.
  • Support the mobile terminal access.
  • Superior Power Grid Adaptability

  • Have the advantages of low output harmonic wave, high power factor, better grid-connected power quality.
  • Centralized inverter scheme has more stable grid-connected performance, there are no harmonic oscillation and grid circulation problems due to multiple inverters parallel connection.
  • The communication network is simple, the reliability of the communication and dispatch, and the response speed is promoted greatly.
  • Better adaptability in the electric grid, responding easily to the harsh conditions such as zero voltage crossing, etc. It can support the reactive power strongly.
  1. Monitoring network