A battery is a device where electrical energy can be stored as chemical energy is this chemical energy is then converted to electrical energy as and when required. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by applying external electrical source is known as charging of battery whereas conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy for supplying the external load is known, as discharging of battery.


  • Tubular/Flat Battery for UPS and Inverter.
  • Solar & Industrial Battery for Solar application.
  • VRLA gel Battery for UPS, Solar & EPBAx.
  • Li-ion Battery for Mobile, laptop & Electric vehicle.

  • 1. LEAD ACID BATTERIES - (120 AH-230 AH)

    Lead acid batteries are widely used for storage in back up power applications and stand -alone systems. Along with excellent charge acceptance, it can withstand high currents. Micromax 's lead acid batteries are also in built with protection against leakage and corrosion. They have also been manufactured to substantially reduce water topping owing to its large electrolyte volume, and superior lead alloy composition. View More...


    Lithium-Ion Batteries are designed to meet the advanced requirement of telecom industry with its long -life cycle, flexible structure, advance technology Battery management system, available in the market with capacity range of Ah – Ah (Single cell). It emerges as an extremely intelligent, reliable and environment friendly product by supporting green energy initiatives. View More...